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Greenscan – a new crop analysis imaging feature in Geofolia has now been launched.

The proven crop recording and mapping program, Geofolia, was developed by Isagri, parent company of Landmark and Farmdata, and is well-established in Europe.  Geofolia was selected by Landmark three years ago and has made inroads into the UK market as an easy to use crop management tool with integrated mapping, stock management, compliance and financial reporting functions as standard.

Early adopter Stephen Eales has been testing Greenscan on his Sussex business J.G. Eales & Sons, a business farming 1200 acres of arable in Sussex.  “‘Greenscan gives you regular satellite images of your crops by measuring light reflected from the crop canopy. Thicker crops can be easily distinguished from thinner crop areas. You can scan your whole farm in a few minutes and identify problems rapidly enabling you to target areas to be inspected closely, for example, wet spots, pigeon grazing and rabbit damage.  Over a season poor crop growth area will show within fields enabling these areas to be noted for nutrient deficiency testing, soil sampling or for subsoiling to remedy soil compaction.”

Popular useful standard features include the ability to import directly into Geofolia agronomist’s recommendations and a ‘split activity button.’  The latter for when the weather turns against an operation; it allows a pre-ordained field activity to be split if the operator has had to postpone the work schedule – for example a change in wind speed during spraying.  Version 6.2 also boasts the new ‘Field performance dashboard’ for instant access to profitability by field from any smart device with signal.  The software is available as cloud hosted or PC install.

The Landmark Team will be demonstrating Geofolia and the KEYPrime accounting and property management range on Avenue F (SL&E stand) particularly welcoming Farmdata clients who may be new to the Landmark range.  Farmdata will be exhibiting software on Avenue Q and  informing clients of the wider range now available since joining Landmark in January.


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