Keeping field records with Geofolia - latest features

Geofolia has been helping our clients in the UK to streamline their field and crop recording processes for just over two years now. The intuitive software with integrated App has made keeping field records up to date and monitoring field, crop and farm performance far more straightforward than their previous systems.

Geofolia boasts some brilliant new functions that come as standard. These include:

Greenscan – monitor your crop performance from above

Greenscan provides our users with a satellite image of their crops, showing vegetation density based on chlorophyll and water content. Existing users are already using this tool:


  1. To compare the effect of variable factors such as drill date and variety on growth
  2. To assist with the ‘time to harvest’ decision making after burn-off
  3. To pick up issues that might otherwise be missed during crop walking on the ground – easily spot drainage and irrigation leaks.

Using Greenscan to compare variety performance

Smartphone stocks – live stocks in the Geofolia App

Our aim is to ensure that while comprehensive, our stock ledger supported by the Agrobase pesticide database does not become unwieldy.

Not only do Geofolia stocks operate on a ‘First In First Out’ basis, but users can now see how much of any product they have in stock from the App. This includes live updates when adding or updating activities.

Calculated target yield for better budgeting

Based on up to the previous six years’ performance, Geofolia can now automatically provide you with an estimated ‘target yield’ for each field by crop. This is an essential piece of information when creating and updating your farm budget and forecasting future cashflow (a standard feature in KEYPrime Accounts).

All of this is in addition to the tools that were added back in January 2019 which have really helped users get to grips with profitability and benchmarking throughout the year, which in turn has helped them with decision making and cost control.

Geofolia target yield calculator

Want to know more?

If you are an existing user of Geofolia and would like to know more about the latest features, please call our support line and the team will be happy to help you.

If you are not yet using Geofolia but are considering implementation of a new crop recording package, you can learn more about Geofolia here.

Alternatively you can call 01798 877100 or get in touch here and we will be happy to arrange a free demonstration on farm.

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