Don't Play Russian Roulette With Your Data

It is so easy to put off updating your back up system, and yet for as little as £12/month per PC you can choose to have your crucial data backed up automatically online. Which means that if disaster does strike we can help you to restore your data fast!

Catherine Gore, KEYPrime Accounts, EARNIE Payroll and Cattledata user, says:

“I would thoroughly recommend the extra expense to anyone, especially if like me you have a fairly hectic life. The relief and reassurance are worth every penny.”

Simple to set up, and reliable we use an off-site, established UK data centre called RISC IT Solutions which uses military level encryption. Read what happened to Catherine and if you want to know more contact the support team.

“In the early hours on a Sunday we were aware of thunder rumbling around but at 00:45 there was an almighty bang. The lights went out, the house alarm went on and the sky lit up with lightning strikes.

We knew this was serious but didn’t appreciate the extent until the morning when we discovered that the open reach telephone sockets had been blown off the wall and the telephone, router and associated plugs were blackened.

To my total dismay I remembered that I had not carried out my usual routine and had forgotten to turn off my computer that night.

Once the electricity supply was repaired I became aware that my computer was completely dead. I was mortified. I had only backed up EARNIE Payroll and Cattledata onto memory sticks several weeks before but was very poor at backing up anything else, always just taking that chance that nothing would happen, and I would do it the next day.

Relieved that mobile phones existed on Tuesday morning (of course it was a bank holiday weekend!) I contacted Landmark Systems. I can only say how brilliant they all were, reassuring me that my ‘backup’ was in place.

It became apparent that I would probably need a new computer and Landmark came up with a good package. NFU insurances accepted the situation and appointments were made for Landmark to come and install a new computer, and restore some normality to my office life.

It took months to repair the telephone lines properly and our internet was very poor for a long time but I didn’t lose any Microsoft documents, KEYPrime Accounts, EARNIE Payroll or Cattledata.

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