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Accounts year end checklist: download your free guidance document to help you maximise the value you get from your accountant.


Do you find that you dread sending your accounts data to your accountant at the financial year end? Does your accountant often have many queries when it comes to your transaction postings? Perhaps they find that things have been allocated incorrectly, been duplicated in error or not posted at all? Our free year end checklist will help you to rectify these issues and therefore keep your accountant happy!

Download checklist

Use this download to implement some of the ‘best practice’ checks you can run before giving your accountant access to your data at financial year end. By correcting inaccuracies in your data before you send it, you will reduce the amount of time your accountant needs to spend picking up and resolving issues.

By following the checks, hints and tips in our accounts year end checklist you will:

  • Be confident that your accounts data is accurate at the year end
  • Improve your accountancy skills and knowledge
  • Ensure that your accountancy fees go towards valuable advice rather than number crunching.

Our free checklist contains guidance on tidying all elements of your accounts data including:

  • Opening balances
  • Bank checks
  • VAT checks
  • Stock records
  • Fixed assets
  • Debtors and creditors
  • Accruals and prepayments
  • General housekeeping

To get started, click the button below to download!

Download checklist

The checklist has been put together by our expert KEYPrime Accounts training team, who specialise in providing both onsite and online year end assistance for our farming customers and network of accountants.

If you have any questions, or would like further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us!

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