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The 2nd March 2020 marked new beginnings for James Shaw-Porter, Simon Williams and David Pardoe who founded Rosehill Advisors. Despite the entire country going into lockdown just 21 days later, the fledgling firm of surveyors based in Hampshire has maintained an impressive growth trajectory.

Who are Rosehill?

Rosehill offers estate management, development consultancy and project management services across an area spanning Dartmoor to Northamptonshire. The company prides itself on being agile and client-focused.


Simon Williams, David Pardoe & James Shaw-Porter

To be proactive for clients, the right tools were needed from the outset….

The Rosehill team spend much of their time working from clients’ estate and farm offices, so an accounts and property management system that allows them to have real time information to hand, anywhere is essential. Five members of the team use KEYPrime Accounts and KEYPrime Property by Landmark Systems which they can log into from any of these offices.

“We set up Rosehill Advisors to be more responsive to our clients’ needs and this means being fast and flexible. KEYPrime is both of those things which allows us to be too” explained David Pardoe, Founding Director.

Using KEYPrime for the challenges facing clients.

A key consideration for Rosehill’s clients like many others, is the reduction in Basic Payment Scheme subsidy, the introduction of Environmental Land Management and the issues that arise from these changes. Farm incomes are falling, tenant farmers are retiring and clients need to get to grips with new concepts being introduced under the Agricultural Transition Plan – nutrient trading, carbon credits, and Natural England’s Biodiversity Net Gain. Monitoring the financial performance of existing enterprises and keeping a firm grip on current and projected project expenditure against budget is a vital task, handled easily by the comprehensive reporting facilities in KEYPrime.

“The real-time visibility of the books and detailed records that can be attached to entries in KEYPrime allows us to report to clients instantly, comprehensively and accurately which pleases them – and us.”

Works Management

Several members of the Rosehill team hailed from large national firms of land agents, with management systems that could be described as unintuitive and lacking scope for adding extra functionality. With KEYPrime, the team really benefits from the works management facility which has enabled them to centralise the distribution of works orders to clients’ estate maintenance teams. The Workflow mobile app allows them to track progress of works in real-time and add information to works requests as required.


Rosehill Advisors use the Workflow App for KEYPrime Property.

Confidence prior to purchase

Even before purchasing, the Rosehill team were confident KEYPrime would be able to handle their clients’ evolving needs thanks to the thorough consultation and demonstration process with Landmark’s Keith Morris. The Rosehill team has been so pleased, that they have advised one of their largest clients to set up KEYPrime also, with four staff members now using it daily.

“Landmark’s sales and training consultants are helpful, practical and patient. The help desk team are heroes!”

What lies ahead?

Rosehill Advisors’ mission has always been to create a culture of exceptional working relationships for both clients and staff that we do not believe to be available elsewhere in our markets. Our experience thus far has been that this strikes a chord with a lot of people and we have been lucky enough to double the size of the original business already. We look
forward to welcoming more happy clients and staff in the months and years to come.

Could KEYPrime help your property management business?

Whether you are a private landlord with a small portfolio, a rural estate with an in-house management team or a firm of agents managing multiple properties and portfolios on your clients’ behalf, the KEYPrime Accounts and Property software range can be tailored to your requirements. Contact Landmark for a no obligation initial discussion, consultation or bespoke demonstration.

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