Mark Peters is too busy running his arable and forage business, started seventy years ago by his grandfather and father, to spend time duplicating entries into a separate invoicing and accounts program. 

He started using KEYPrime Accounts in April for his 1500 acre tenanted farm business which grows winter wheat and barley, OSR, linseed and naked oats.  The dense population of horses in Sussex provides a ready demand for his Courage Feeds products – haylage, hay, bedding and bagged cereals, but it is imperative that he keeps his invoicing and payments tight to make a return.

“I was recommended to Landmark by another farmer and contractor and his opinion was reinforced by my accountant, the Lewes firm, Knill James. In addition Sue Brothers is a very experienced bookkeeper, using Landmark products on other farms, and she comes in once or twice a month to do the accounts.”

Mark is getting on well with invoicing on KEYPrime for all his horse feed and contracting work: “I was invoicing through a very basic computer program that was not accounts linked which did not make sense. I print and post invoices, or in the case of horse products, I print and take the invoice with me for payment with a mobile credit card machine on delivery. The beauty of it is that Sue does not have to re-enter the invoice onto the accounts and if I forget to enter the enterprise or analysis codes it will prompt me at the ‘save and print’ stage – so it is definitely saving me time.”

“I just had my one day’s training and got on with it. I am playing around with different reports and already I am able to analyse the performance of different farms and products. It ensures that I am not working just for ‘fun!’”

In the winter Mark spends more time in the office and uses the budgeting section of KEYPrime.  He says: “I have entered a great deal of information and have the benefit of more accurate results which build into trends as the years go by.”

– Mark Peters, Mixed Farmer & Contractor

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