Nick Padwick & Andy Cooper using Geofolia Mobile App for field records

*VIDEO* Peddar Farming LLP – Geofolia

Estate Director Nick Padwick and Operations Manager Andy Cooper tell us about their experience of upgrading their field records software to Geofolia, including how they found their initial 30 day free trial.
Merevale and Blyth

*VIDEO* Merevale and Blyth Estates – KEYPrime Property

Philip Blackman explains why keeping the estate's property management and accounts information together with KEYPrime software is so invaluable.
Filmer Farms

*VIDEO* Filmer Farms – Geofolia

Tom Filmer tells us why he finds crop recording software Geofolia with Mobile App invaluable for his business.
Elaine Taylor Stocks Farm

*VIDEO* Stocks Farm – KEYPrime Intro

Elaine Taylor tells us why she chose Landmark’s KEYPrime Intro for her accounts package, and how she has found her user experience so far.
Elaine Taylor Stocks Farm

*VIDEO* Stocks Farm – KEYPrime Intro

Elaine Taylor talks about the benefits of using web hosted NEWAge KEYPrime Intro for her business.
Fran Hedges

*VIDEO* FG Pierce & Sons – Geofolia

Fran Hedges explains how Geofolia is an easy-to-use crop recording software that stands apart from other systems on the market.
Martin Brickell - Itford Farm

*VIDEO* Itford Farm – Geofolia

Martin Brickell speaks to us about how simple it is to use Geofolia, whether you're using it for basic crop recording or more.
David Exwood

*VIDEO* Westons Farm – KEYPrime Advanced

David Exwood speaks to us about how the KEYPrime Advanced helps avoid duplication of entry and aids cash reconciliation for the retail side of the business.
Lucinda Exwood

*VIDEO* Westons Farm – KEYPrime Advanced

Lucinda and David Exwood speak to us about how KEYPrime Advanced gives them confidence to make decisions for the future of their business.
RJ & GR Silk

*VIDEO* RJ & GR Silk – KEYPrime Intro

Graham Silk of RJ & GR Silk speaks to us about how KEYPrime Intro has proven to be a great tool for his business.
William Alexander Castle Farm

*VIDEO* The Hop Shop at Castle Farm – KEYPrime Accounts

Watch our video case study in which William Alexander of Castle Farm tells us about using Landmark's KEYPrime Accounts software for his farm and farm shop.


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