Latest update of KEYPrime available now

KEYPrime range update roll out

During the next couple of weeks, you will receive a notification to update KEYPrime when you log into your Launchpad. If you are a local or server install customer, please get in touch if you have not received your update by the end of May.

If you operate a hosted version of the software, we will install the update for you as usual and you do not need to take any action.

New standard features in the KEYPrime Accounts range

This release of KEYPrime has some great improvements that we hope will really streamline the way you manage your accounts data. We’ve summarised some of the key new features below. To read the full detail on all of the changes in KEYPrime, please download and read the release notes.


The accessibility to documents in KEYPrime has been re-engineered. You can now view lists of documents related to ‘objects’ in KEYPrime (not just Transactions and Traders). Document links can now also point to online documents or web pages as well as physical documents in your system. This is helpful if you use tools like AutoEntry or Receipt Bank.


A number of improvements have been made to the KEYPrime metering module, as requested by our customers. It is now possible to import and export meter display and meter reading data. Module users can now also customise their own collection forms. It is now possible to add ‘Information Only’ readings that can be disregarded when invoicing. Ideal if you monitor meters between invoiced readings.


It is now possible to set the What to Receive run to include invoices dated after the receipt date.


A number of improvements have been made to the Batch Entry function that was launched in version 9.5. Again, please refer to the release notes for all details. SOP/POP module customers can now use this feature to batch enter Orders. All users can now copy historical batches, which will make it faster to process frequent, similar transactions such as time sheets or weekly orders.


Progress reports now include a difference figure on total bank balance values. For those who use the custom reporting tool, a new Enterprise Custom option has been added. For those using the Enterprise Rights module, users will only see the enterprises listed for which they have access.

New standard features in KEYPrime Property

Our developers have also been busy improving and tweaking KEYPrime Property. Improvements include:


There is a new smartview accessed from the top navigation, designed to help you with property compliance. At the moment, this tool simply provides an alternative view of your upcoming and overdue property diary actions, where they have been scheduled.

If you would like input into the development of compliance in KEYPrime Property, please send us an email with your thoughts.


See paragraph above re: metering module under KEYPrime Accounts enhancements.


Diary Activity and Task reports have been modified to display telephone numbers, faxes and email addresses more clearly when the ‘Show Telephone’ option is selected.


A new EPC report has been added to the Properties List to show current EPC values as well as previous EPC history.


If you use the Works Manager module to manage day-to-day tasks, you are now able to re-size the ‘New Task’ screen.


We hope that you will enjoy using the new features and as ever, we welcome your feedback.

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