KEYPrime Version 10.5

KEYPrime Version 10.5 is here!

The rollout of KEYPrime Version 10.5 has already commenced and over the next few weeks, all KEYPrime customers will receive notification that this is available for them to install via the Launchpad.

We’ve summarised a small number of the changes you’ll find in the update in this post but for full details, we recommend that you click the button below and take five minutes to read the release notes which cover the improvements in both KEYPrime Accounts and KEYPrime Property products, including further instruction on how to use them too. We’re also pleased to announce the launch of two new modules for this release that will assist those businesses needing additional authorisation functions.

New features in the KEYPrime Accounts range

Excel style filtering on ledgers

A small change that will make such a difference to how you view information in your ledgers KEYPrime! If you are already comfortable with filtering in Microsoft Excel, you’ll find that this function works in a similar way.

Customer discounts

It is now possible to apply sales discounts for specific customers relative to certain items on both sales orders, invoices and credits.

Drag & Drop Documents

For those who prefer to enter transaction data from the table style Batch Entry screen, it is now possible to drag and drop documents onto transactions here. You can also view these stored documents from the All Transactions Daybook (the Daybook accessed via the bottom toolbar).

Committed stock in SOP & POP

We are pleased to announce that the SOP & POP module now includes committed stock. Users of the order processing tool will be warned if a sales order is raised for a larger quantity than is available in stock.

**New modules for KEYPrime Accounts**

Trader Bank Authorisation

Included as standard for customers using KEYPrime Advanced but chargeable otherwise. This module provides the option to have an authorisation procedure in place when trader bank details are entered or edited. Essential for customers managing client monies through a central bank account with our Client Accounting tool.

Payment Authorisation

The Payment Authorisation module enables permitted users to authorise the payment of a purchase invoice that has been entered into KEYPrime.  Payment will be blocked until the required level of authorisation has been made.


New standard features in KEYPrime Property

Our developers have also been busy improving and tweaking KEYPrime Property. Changes include:


There is a new Dashboard for KEYPrime Property highlighting key upcoming due dates such as tenancy reviews, end dates and income.


The compliance screen has been updated to behave in a similar way to the diary screen with colour coding plus the ability to add diary actions and tasks to a compliance activity. There is also a new compliance status report.


The existing diary has undergone a number of tweaks to make it more user friendly. For example, users are now able to select multiple diary actions and create BCc: emails to associated tenants etc.

We hope that you will enjoy using the new features and as ever, we welcome your feedback.

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