The Management of Landmark Systems recognises its responsibilities to the environment, its customers, supplies, staff and to the wider community. We recognise that our activities impact on the environment and we aim to minimise the impact by taking a responsible approach to energy, wastage and our business processes. Our principles include: –

The Environment

  1. Environmental Policy
    • Landmark is committed to reducing our impact on the environment by improving energy efficiency and minimising waste.
    • We aim to continually improve our environmental performance by reviewing our environmental policy, which will allow us to: –
      • Reduce our carbon footprint
      • Minimise the consumption and wastage of national resources as for as possible
      • Ensure that consideration is given to purchasing environmentally sustainable products and services
  2. Carbon Management
    • We recognise that our operations create carbon emissions and that this has a detrimental effect on the environment. It is our aim to minimise these emissions.
  3. Waste Management
    • Our aim is to continually reduce our environmental impact through waste reduction with the policy to reduce, re-use, or recycle where possible.
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