How do I adjust the scaling of the menu ribbon within Geofolia?

The ribbons/banners in Geofolia are completely adjustable to suit whatever you need. If they are too zoomed in or out


Simply hold down the CTRL key and scroll your mouse wheel till they are where you want them


You can do this at any point in Geofolia and isn’t specific to the crop rotation map.

How do I add or edit a field on my Geofolia map?

Watch our video below on field additions and edits including splitting and merging fields, plus adding margins and boundaries.


How to toggle the black boundary points on and off in my map?

In crop rotation on the map screen press the boundary button in the top left of the legend


This will toggle the boundary points of your fields on, making it look like this

To turn it off simply press the Boundaries button again.

How do I turn my field name labels off?

To turn the field name labels off. Go into your crop rotation on the map view. Press the label button in the top left of the legend


This will show the names, size of the field and variety by default

If you click the settings cog by the label button you can add or remove what you want the label to show

To turn these off simply by reselecting the labels button.

How do I edit the size of my field once I’ve imported it?

Inside Geofolia a field has different areas, the ‘Area’ and the ‘Map Area’


As you can see above the Map Area is different to the Area, Geofolia works off the Area and not the Map Area, so long as the map looks close to the field on the farm the Area can be inputted to the correct value. To edit simply click in the Area box and overwrite it

When you next complete and activity the systems will use the new entered Area in any calculations

This will get carried over year on year however will not affect the previous years if that has been changed for contracting or different field margins.

How do I merge two different fields in Geofolia?

To merge fields in Geofolia, when you have had two different crops in one field the previous year and only one in the current year >  CTRL left click and select both parts of the field replicating the view on the right (as below).



With them both selected go up to the tools  button at the top of the map and select the merge button



This will come up with the new field box where you can change the name, crop and details about the field as if you are creating a new field.


Click the OK button when you are happy with the details entered and this will bring the two halves of the field back as one, it is worth noting you can only do this when the two field boundaries are touching.

How do I change the settings when printing reports?

Editing the printer settings in Geofolia, can be done from any report.

Go into a report and press the Printer setup button in the bottom left corner for the settings



The size and the properties of the print can be selected here, this will edit the way the report presents when created so will need to be changed back to the default A4 or some reports will generate in the wrong height or width



Some reports will also have print options in the Settings tab to the right of the Selection tab, this will allow you to select certain aspects such as drawings or layers in this example, but it will vary by report


How to set up and use the link between KEYPrime Accounts & Advanced and Geofolia?

Watch our video below for guidance.

View our link notes for KEYPrime to Geofolia here


How to add or edit activities in Geofolia?

Watch our video below on adding and editing activities.


How do I add adjuvants and water conditioners in Geofolia?

View PDF on adding adjuvants and water conditioners from our regularly updated database.

How to put Foliar Fertilisers and other Non-Default Inputs on spraying activities?

Geofolia may not automatically let you put foliar fertiliser or similar input types through the sprayer.

A good rule of thumb is if it doesn’t have a MAPP number it will initially struggle to be put on a spraying activity.

Using the foliar fertiliser as an example, start in your input tab and select Fertiliser



In your Fertiliser tab either create or edit your fertiliser so that its type is correct, in this example I’ll use Manganese



The next step is to check the Settings tab, more specifically your Activity settings



In your spraying activity you will need to check your Settings and Default Values –


In the Settings you will need to make sure the Quantity of Fertilising Element (NPKMgS) is checked



And in the Default Values make sure foliar fertiliser is present in the acceptable Input Type



Once all this is done it should present as an option in the spray activity.

How do I record spot spraying activities in Geofolia?

Use our PDF guide on recommended practice for recording spot spraying activities here.


How do I import my agronomist’s recommendations from Gatekeeper?

If your agronomist is unsure of how to set up Gatekeeper to export their recommendations in a format compatible with Geofolia (.xml), ask them to view this PDF which contains full instructions.

When you have received your recommendations file from the agronomist, view this PDF to import them into your activities log in Geofolia.

How do I view all of the activities in my activities log?

View our PDF explaining how to increase the number of activities visible in the activities log from 50 to 999.

Can agronomists using Pear Adviser software export spray recommendations for import into Geofolia?


Guidance for agronomists on the spray recommendation export process can be found here.

Guidance for farmers, wanting to import these recommendations into Geofolia can be found here.

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