Crop recording software should make keeping farm assurance records and monitoring crop performance straightforward, so you can spend more time in the field and less in the office.

It has never been more important to ensure you are achieving maximum yield and performance from your crops. You need to know the the impact of every application on your bottom line and you need to be able to view this information at the click of a button from your crop recording software.

You need software with a Mobile App that allows you and your operators to view and update activities recommended by your agronomist from wherever they are on the farm. Without creating any additional office work, this will help you to keep track of stock and applications for farm assurance so that when an auditor arrives on farm, you have confidence in your field records.

Your work to protect the environment and uptake of Countryside Stewardship schemes mean you need a field mapping tool to easily plot field margins, boundaries and water courses too.

Geofolia is the market leading crop recording software trusted by over 23,000 farms in the UK and Europe to handle field and crop records. It does all of the above simply and efficiently.

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