Big news for agronomists and farmers as Landmark Systems launch a game-changing two-way API integration between Pear Agronomy and Geofolia, ensuring automatic data transfer to and from cropping software.

What’s new?

Pear Agronomy and Geofolia will now seamlessly talk to each other. Whether it’s sending recommendations from Pear or completed job data from Geofolia, the two-way link simplifies communication. For agronomists managing clients on Pear and farmers using Geofolia for crop recording and farm mapping, this means smooth data sharing between the systems.

But there’s more; importing farm data into Pear Agronomy from Geofolia or Gatekeeper, exporting to Gatekeeper from Pear, and staying compliant with monthly LIAISON updates is now a breeze. Plus, automatic RB209 updates and calculations guarantee data accuracy and time saving for both agronomists and farmers.

Notably, data works both ways between Geofolia and Pear Agronomy. Once a recommendation is sent from Pear and applied in Geofolia, it syncs back, keeping records updated and matched.

“We’re excited for how this will simplify life for agronomists and farmers,” says Landmark’s Annabel George. “This agronomy software integration is all about making advice, application, and record-keeping easier for both agronomists and farmers.”

Landmark Systems is committed to streamlining agronomy processes for better collaboration and efficiency.

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