KEYPrime Version 13.0

KEYPrime Version 13.0 is here!

The rollout of KEYPrime Version 13.0 has commenced. All PC and network install KEYPrime customers will receive notification that this is available for them to install via the Launchpad, while our hosted customers will have the install completed for them and will receive a separate notification by email.

We’ve summarised changes you’ll find in the update in this post but for full details, we recommend that you click the button below and take a few minutes to read the release notes which cover the improvements in both KEYPrime Accounts and KEYPrime Property products, including further instruction on how to use them too.

Updates to the KEYPrime Accounts range


You can now display the invoice reference and date from Bank Payments and Receipts on the daybook screen. They will need to be added from the field chooser. If there are several lines on the transaction this will display the details from the line with the highest value.


What to Pay

The Bank electronic reference for traders has now been included as an available field on What to Pay and What to Receive grids via the field chooser.


Stationery Layouts

Trader Group and Trader Type now available as fields for Sales Invoice, Self Billing Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Dispatch Notes, Remittance Advice, Trader statements and in Property – Demands.


Updates to the KEYPrime Property

The Property type name and code are now available in the Diary field chooser.


If you enter the What3words address into the Map LinkID you will be able to use the Show on map to open the website and view the location.


The Map LinkID field can also be included on email templates and word documents for Properties and Works Manager. Please be aware that if you copy the link from What3words and paste it into the field you will need to add back 2 /’s as it gets stripped to just 1.


Optional Modules –

Client Accounting


When processing Agent fees, to help users to select only landlords with Management fees set up, there is now an Agent Fee field available from the field chooser in the Landlord filter list. This can be used in any of the listing screens that have the Landlord filter:



There is now an option to include unpaid invoices on a Landlord Statement. This defaults to Off so that if someone does want this, they will then need to tailor their own or a standard Statement to match.

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