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Landmark are pleased to be able to offer you a free trial of Geofolia crop recording software, which is trusted by more than 23,000 farms in the UK and Europe already.

Has dry weather this spring enabled you to make good progress on drilling and spraying? Are your crop records up to date or do you still need to sit down in the office and enter these up manually? Our customers using Geofolia crop recording software do not need to do this – the handy Mobile App has enabled them and their operators to update records from the tractor cab so they are already up to date!

Geofolia is the crop recording solution that includes all the tools you need as standard…

Features include:

  • Fast set up
  • The ability to view and update records anywhere
  • Agronomist recommendations import
  • Speedy compliance and performance reporting
  • Greenscan satellite crop analysis tool
  • Nutrient management planning
  • Straightforward stock management

Why now?

Now is the perfect time to trial new crop recording software. You have your spring activities to enter up in the quieter period before early summer work and harvest. What’s more, as you are now able to download your farm’s RPA field outlines from DEFRA setting up your farm has never been quicker. We can import maps from other sources such as SOYL and My John Deere too.

“Geofolia has done everything we wanted it to do. It is farmer friendly and straightforward, and I like the dashboard analysis by field. The Geofolia Mobile App is a very useful and quick way of maintaining records from the field.” Simon Payton, R&S Payton

To find out more take a look at our main Geofolia page, which includes a short demo video.

To set your free 30 day trial up, please call the office on 01798 877100 or fill in the contact form on the side of this screen.


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