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Investigating detail within Management Reports

If you get a ‘hand’ appear when you hover the mouse over a number, it means you can ‘drill down’ on that number. All you need to do is double click.

E.g.  From a Profit and Loss report, by double clicking on a number you can drill down to the nominal listing to find out what makes up that figure.  From there you can double click on a specific invoice number (for example) which may have been mis-posted and instantly change the posting without even having to go into another screen. 

Profit and loss Account – I would like to know what makes up the £18 Straw figure.

I hover over the £18 until the hand appears and then double click, which brings up my nominal listing:

From here I can see it’s invoice no 1470 which has been posted incorrectly.  If I hover over 1470, my hand will appear and I can double click, bringing up my invoice, which I can edit there and then and re-save.