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Copying the line above

You can copy the line above by dragging the line above with the mouse on the little triangle. This copies the whole line so if you need to change the nominal it will overwrite the description.  If you would like to keep the same description as the line above this can be done by selecting the description on the line to be copied and press 'CTRL C' to copy it, then go to the new line and press 'CTRL V' to paste it into the new line.


On NEW invoices: new lines can be inserted between existing lines by right click on the row heading of a line and selecting Insert Row above from the menu.
One or more lines can be copied or moved on the entry using the other options on the menu. Keyboard short cuts for these have also been provided.


Apply to All
For multi-line entries the contents of a field on one item line can be copied to all other rows using select and right click Apply to All. In this example Cheese will be applied as an analysis code on all lines of the invoice.