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How do I deal with holiday pay?

There are generally two methods of dealing with holiday pay in KEY Casual.

1. HOURLY WORKERS entitled to minimum wage PLUS holiday pay.
2. PIECE WORKERS whose gross pay INCLUDES holiday pay.

If your casual staff fall into category 1 above.

From Tools on the top toolbar

Select Preferences

UN-TICK the Pay Rate includes Holiday Pay? Box. (See figure 1. below)

Figure 1.

Enter Holiday Pay in GREEN column on Multirate/edit screen. (See figure 2. below)

Figure 2.

If your casual staff fall into category 2 OR a mix of 1 and 2 above.

Select Preferences from the Tools menu as above then Tick the Pay Rate includes Holiday Pay? Box.

For category 2 (piece workers whose pay INCLUDES holiday pay) enter the holiday pay in the green column on the multirate edit screen. Their gross pay will now include this amount.

For catgory 1 workers set up a new column(job and operation) for holiday pay in the multirate edit screen. Enter the holiday pay in this column AS WELL AS the green holiday pay column figure 2 above).