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How do I Transfer a Property to a different Landlord in KEY Property?

If you have more than one Landlord you have the option to transfer Properties between Landlords. If you select a property and either right click or click on maintenance and select Transfer Property the following will appear:

Please take a backup of the data before proceeding as it will be difficult to reverse any errors

By clicking on the drop down arrow you can select which Landlord the Property will be transferred to. You then need to introduce a new Property Code before clicking on ok. The property with its new code will then be transferred along with its Tenancy and Tenant (if applicable) to the new Landlord. There are however a few items you will need to be aware of before the operation is complete:

  • A title must be added to the Tenancy now that it is linked to a different Landlord, KEY Property needs to be told which title is to be used or a new one can be set up if necessary.
  • If the Tenancy is set to be paid by standing order then a bank account must be filled in.
  • New demands must be set up; these cannot be carried across between Landlords as different Landlords may have different titles which in turn are linked to different nominals. Demands will be automatically removed from the old Tenancy.
  • If there are any footer details to the demand for this particular tenancy they must be re-entered.
  • Future Diary Actions and Notes set up in old Tenancy will be carried across to new Tenancy automatically.
  • The old Landlord will keep historical records of the tenancy and property.
  • The property and tenancy will be set as non-current for the old Landlord.
  • The tenant will be left as current but not linked to a tenancy in the old Landlord.

After transferring the Property, the data will verify and highlight errors with any tenancies, which may need correcting.