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All KEY software uses Microsoft Windows technology allowing many windows to be open at once. This means you can open more than one report at once whilst checking data.

1. Landscape reporting

To display the Analysis Code on a Nominal Transaction Report check the Landscape Print box in the Report Criteria screen.

The analysis codes allocated to transactions will be displayed


Detail in Transaction Report

Check the VAT Detail box to display the VAT code of transactions in a Nominal Transaction Report

This report is useful for checking Partially exempt VAT items or that private expenditure has been correctly entered.

3.Transactions for a Specific Enterprise

To display transactions for a specific enterprise select Nominal Transaction Report, click the Enterprise Range line and select enterprise required.

Check the “show transactions with no enterprise” to display transactions not allocated to an enterprise.

4.Transactions with no Analysis Code

To list all transactions entered with no analysis code select MANAGEMENT, ANALYSIS CODES, then choose TRANSACTIONS. Check the “show transactions with no analysis code ”box.

5. Search in Reports

At the top of any KEY Accounts report is a binoculars graphic next to a box. Typing any string of text or numbers into the box and then clicking the binoculars will highlight the first occurence of that search. Continuing to click the binoculars will display subsequent occurrences of the string.

6. Labels

Address labels can be printed for Suppliers and Customers by highlighting the required traders in the relevant list and clicking LABELS. It is important to select the correct label layout in OPTIONS, SETUP/DEFAULTS, LAYOUTS i.e. xlb2_7 (2 X 7).

Landmark strongly recommend using Avery L7163 labels.