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I know I've entered a bank transaction but I can't find it on my bank reconciliation screen. Why is this?

1. Dates – the bank statement date limits the transactions displays to those transactions which have date up to and including the bank statement date. Check the payment/receipt date on the transaction.

2. Bank – has the transactions been entered on the correct bank code. To quickly check, view the Daybook and verify the bank code is the correct one.

3. Already reconciled – the transaction may have aleady been reconciled from a previous bank statement because it was a similar amount. To check this run the ledger report for the trader and if the transaction has a number in the right hand column (headed Statement No) that is the bank statement number which it has been reconciled to.

4. Combined with other transactions – if transactions are dated the same day and use the same reference number their  values are added together so they appear as a total figure on the bank reconciliation screen.  To check this out click on the value of the item that has the date in question and, if this is the case, a ‘Detail’ button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on this expands the item showing the individual transactions that make up the total. If the transaction is listed it may require editing to change the reference number so that it appears as an individual transaction on the reconciliation.