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How do I submit one VAT return for two separate companies?

Submitting one VAT Return for two separate companies

1. Manually add the VAT for both companies together and send one VAT Return (from Company 1) to Customs and Excise.
2. In Company 1 set up a new nominal in the Liabilities Group called Inter-Company VAT

3.  Put a VAT RCT into KEY for Company 1 for the amount CLAIMED BY COMPANY 1.
4. The difference (owed to Company 2) should be entered as a Bank Receipt with Company 2 name as the trader and posted to the Inter-Company VAT nominal(2015 in our example)

5.  Repay the outstanding amount to Company 2 using a Bank Payment with Company 2 as the trader and post to Inter-company VAT nominal.

6.  This reduces the liability to zero for Company 1.
7. In Company 2 (NOT submitting the Return) confirm the VAT Return in KEY Accounts to create the VAT Invoice.
8. When the money is received from Company 1 enter as a VAT Receipt from Customs and Excise.