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How do I prove Control Accounts on a trial balance?

There are 14 control accounts that cannot be directly accessed by the user. These can be seen on your Trial Balance.

@CRED, Creditor Control Account and @PONA, Purchases on Account.

Click Suppliers on top tool bar, Click reports, Age of Credit, Period Based, Select All. The TOTAL column lists @CRED figure and on A/C column the @PONA figure

@DEBT Debtor Control Account and @SONA Sales on Account. 

Same as above but for Customers on top tool bar.


hold VAT posted on transactions in the current date range.


hold the amount of VAT you have received from or paid to Customs and Excise in the same period. The four accounts are netted off giving the amount of VAT unclaimed or unreturned at the year end.

@JACC Accruals and @JPRE Prepayments.

Go to Reports on top tool bar and select prepayments and accruals to view a report proving these figures.

@PDIS Purchase Discount.

Go to AUDIT on Main menu then DAYBOOK select PURCHASE then DISCOUNT and select date range.

@SDIS Sales Discount

As Above but select SALES from the Daybook menu.

@SUSP Suspense Account

This is a balancing account only. To view the entries go to REPORTS on top tool bar and run the OPENING TB TRANSACTION report