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Can I create a customised Balance Sheet to match that provided by my accountant?

This option is ONLY available in KEY Advanced and is found under AUDIT from the Main Menu

Many users have requested a facility to create a Balance sheet that is similar in layout to their final accounts.This option gives you a Balance Sheet layout that you can tailor to the layout you, or your accountant, require. There is a similar facility for a Profit and Loss layout.

From 'AUDIT' on the Main Menu select 'CUST BALANCE SHEET' then 'NEW'.

Only ONE custom balance sheet is available at a time. Delete an existing one to re-activate the NEW button.

Having chosen BALANCE SHEET, then you will see you have a report in the list named 'Copy of Balance Sheet',

press Edit and you will be given the screen below

The report name can be changed at the top of the screen.

You are given 5 pre-defined groups:-

  • Fixed assets
  • Current Assets
  • Creditors > 1yr
  • Creditors < 1yr
  • Capital

Choosing Edit, under Groups, allows you to change their names, but no new ones may be added.

Off these 5 groups (which on the final report are sub-totalled) are sub-groups. The ones set up automatically by the system are:-

  • Fixed assets - Fixed assets
  • Current Assets - Current Assets, Stocks, Investments, Debtors
  • Creditors > 1yr - Creditors >1yr
  • Creditors < 1yr - Creditors <1yr
  • Capital - Private, Capital

Choosing Edit, under Sub Groups, allows you to change their names. To add a New one, highlight the sub group you wish the new one to be in, choose new and then type the name in the box that will appear.

As this report is set up at the outset, in order for you to change layouts, it will be necessary to take nominals or control accounts OUT of the original sub groups, and into your chosen location.

To do this, highlight the subgroup that is "wrong" (in this example, Creditors > 1yr); its contents will then show on the right hand half of the screen. Now drag and drop from RIGHT TO LEFT of the screen putting them in your own sub groups.

If you choose to do this by ENTERPRISE click the Show Enterprises button at the outset.

Your data may not currently be in the correct format to create this type of layout. For instance all your lease balances may be individual nominals. You may need to create new nominals and alter your opening balances to split the figures as appropriate.

Once you have set the report layout, SAVE it. You will be taken back to the first screen where there is a button for setting your OPTIONS.


Having set these options choose OK, and you will now be able to PRINT or PREVIEW it.

  • To PREVIEW, highlight it and click on preview, once the date range is chosen, the report will be generated. It can be printed from the screen if you wish
  • Choosing PRINT from this menu will send your report straight to printer, after choosing the date range.
  • Choosing LAYOUT will report on the codes included in your custom report. It will show which codes are in which sub group and the enterprise linked nominals you have chosen.