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What Does Data Version Too High Mean?

If you are about to launch your data from the Launchpad and a message comes up saying your data version is too high then it is likely to be one of two things:-

  1. Someone else on your network/server has loaded a new version of Prime. This now needs to be loaded on to your local drive as well.
  2. You have restored some data, that someone else has been using, and they were using a higher version. You will need to obtain that newer version (download it from our website, during working hours) and install it on your machine.

Note that if your version is very old, then you may need a disk to update it. You can see which version you are on by looking in the bottom right hand corner of the Launchpad. If your Launchpad is not showing a version you may have to upgrade it with a disk – please contact Support at Landmark (01798 877100) if you are unsure.