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How do I enter a Part Payment of Sales and Purchase Invoices?

First Instalment – Type in the amount in the Cheque Total/Receipt Total, tab down to allocate Y/N/P against each transaction, if any are part paid select ‘P’ and save the transaction.

Note that if the invoices being part paid have more than one line of analysis then the box with P in will turn red. If this happens, click on Items at the bottom of  data entry box, and put in the value you wish to pay off each line, or click on Auto to attribute the original cheque total evenly across all lines.

Second and subsequent instalments – When you enter the account name, the previous transactions will appear on screen, the ‘Invoice total’ column shows the original value of the invoice and the ‘Unpaid’ column shows the amount still outstanding. Tab down to allocate Y/N/P against each transaction as before, again select ‘P’ for the item or items that are part paid. This will activate an Items button. The items screen allows you to allocate against the original invoice/s by typing the gross figure under ‘This Payment’ if the transaction includes VAT, Key will automatically complete the net amount and VAT boxes
The balance to allocate must be zero before you can click OK and save.

Final Instalment – This time use ‘Y’ to allocate the remainder