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How Do I Add A Logo To My Layout?

Please approach any change to the default layouts with caution. It is easy to change something accidentally that you are then unable to identify and put back to the default. Make a copy first.

To add a Logo:

  1. You will need to have saved the logo you want to use to an easily accessible place, like your desktop.
  2. Now go to Setup/Layouts and click on Customize against the relevant layout. This brings up the “Stimul” program – you may need to press “Standard” on the right hand side so that Properties becomes available.
  3. If there is a logo already there, then right click on it, and delete it.
  4. Now you will have a blank space along the top of your layout between PageHeaderBand1 and GroupHeaderBand2.  Find the icon along the left hand side of the screen that looks like a sunrise with a mountain and click on it.
  5. Nothing will appear to happen, but take your cursor to the space mentioned in Step 4, and a pencil will appear. Draw a very rough outline of a square or rectangle within the two bands, and let go of the mouse.
  6. This will bring up another box where you click File, and then from the Browse “…” find your layout that was “easily accessible” in Step1. At the bottom click OK.

  7. Don’t panic – your picture/logo may still not show, or look very stretched! On the right where it is headed Properties, try “Behaviour – Can Shrink” or “Behaviour – Can Grow” or “Image Addition – Stretch”. Change any of these to True from False or vice versa.
  8. Now go back to the “box” you drew and change its size using the black dots around the edge. Changing this should help you make the logo look sensible. You can also click once on the logo, move it, and then let go – to centre or right align as you want.
  9. Once you are happy go to File and Save – the first time you do this it will force you to save your layout with a new name so that the original remains.