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How do I add my logo to an invoice, statement or remittance advice?

Company Logo

To add an embedded logo onto an invoice. ZinvLogoL when logo required on Left of paper and ZinvLogoR when required on Right. The image format to be used is Bitmap (BMP). If possible this should be a square logo 3.5cm x 3.5cm.

Statement Layout

Within Layouts there is a tick box to show statement messages in red. This is found under Layouts and then by clicking the message button. This will then show the message in red on printed and emailed statements.

Lines on a remittance advice

There is a setting under Layouts which allows you to set the amount of lines per page on a remittance. This is defaulted to 999. Set to 15 lines per page when using layout XREMPCHQ for pre-printed cheques/remittances. This will produce a warning message in 'What to Pay' for any supplier with more than 15 invoices on one payment.