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How do I back up my data safely?

Backing up your data is essential. We can always supply you with another program disk but ensuring your data is secured is totally your responsibility.

Secure, Automatic Back Up service from Landmark

If your data is stored on a server you probably have software/hardware to back-up all of your data on the server, usually overnight. Make sure that your backup procedure includes the Key data folder and that you know how to restore selected files and folders.

Key Launchpad offers two options of saving a backup:-

Backup KEY Accounts screenshot

  • Back-up to a specified location
  • Back-up and email the data. 


This function can be used to save the back-up anywhere on the computer, network or removable devices.

Using the Browse function the back-up can be placed anywhere that is required. If ultimately the back-up is to be stored on CD/DVD then the back-up should be first saved to the hard drive and then burnt to the CD/DVD using the proprietary software which was supplied with the computer.

It is very important that back-ups are stored off-line ie the local computer is not relied on for data security because if anything happens to that computer there was very little point in doing the back-up in the first place.


Each back-up should have its own unique file name. This can be done by appending, for example, the date (backup051009.zip) or the last transaction number (companyX5834.zip). If you always use backup.zip then this back-up will be overwritten every time and so you will be solely relying on the integrity of that one backup. You may very well develop your own system but make sure that it is applied consistently and by all those who use the system.


(sometimes referred to as pen drives or thumb drives)

  1. Purchase 4 USB drives of at least 1Gb storage capacity each.
  2. Label the drives Week 1, Week 2, etc.
  3. In the first week of each month back up to the Week 1 drive using the naming convention above. In week 2 use the week 2 USB drive and so on.


By default the email address is "technicalsupport@landmarksystems.co.uk" but this can be overwritten by any other address eg your accountants', if they have a licence for Key, to send your year end data, or even your private email for additional off-line security.