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Can I add service charges to more than one tenant in one screen?

Multi-Add Service Charges

This major feature can be implemented in the following circumstances:-

  •     All the ones you wish to set up are of the same frequency
  •     They all use the same Title/Nominal
  •     They are all in one Landlord
  •     You do NOT wish them to be linked to an existing demand at the outset
  •     They are all in arrears or all in advance
  •     You want them all to start at the same time

We envisage you setting these up where more than 3 or 4 tenancies will be having the same service charge. Once created the charge could be edited (fine tuned) for the individual tenancy if necessary.

  •     From Tenancies/Maintenance choose Multi Add Service Charges.
  •     Select the tenancies you wish to apply this to.
  •     Fill in the appropriate Service Charge details and Save
  •     Confirm you wish to create Service Charge Demands
  •     Update the prices, if required, on the demands screen
  •     Process them as you would demands and other service charges.