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How do I install my new CD?



1. Check your current version number and date. Make sure you are within one version number or twelve months of the new version. Ring Landmark before proceeding if unsure.
2. Make a note of your user name and password for each company and take a Back Up of all your companies from LAUNCHPAD.
3. Be sure that you have the old CD to hand (in case you need to reload).
4. RESTART the computer and do not open any programs or files.
5. If you are using KEY PROPERTY never install Key Accounts on its own unless advised to do so by Landmark. The Property CD upgrades both programs and ensures that they are compatible with each other.
6. Insert the CD and follow the instructions (be certain of the install location eg C:lmkey). For NETWORK users, make sure that no-one else is using the program on another PC and then load the CD onto all computers running KEY.
7. After installation, run LAUNCHPAD to see if all companies are present.
8. Upgrade any companies that say "Data not Up-graded". You may prefer to upgrade one company at a time if on a slow computer or if you have old sets of data previously not upgraded. Before upgrading check that the user name and password are correct.
9. NETWORK users need only upgrade the data on one computer and then press F5 on all computers to refresh the list on Launchpad.
10.Go into the program and check that this is your current data.