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How do I print my cheque run if a trader has more than 16 invoices to be paid?

Set up the number of lines per page in 'Setup Layouts' to 16.

Load the WTP and select Remittances 'Printed Cheque'. When saving the payments, if a Trader has more than 16 lines you will get a message alerting you to the potential cheque layout problem

Say 'Yes' to de-select, you will then get the following message:

Say 'No' and click Chq Nos and the Reset button to re-allocate the cheque numbers.

Once numbers are reset you can now click 'Save' and print the remittance cheques as normal.

To print your de-selected trader, run a new WTP just for the one trader, loading a blank sheet of paper before the cheque sheet. Once loaded and clicking save you will get the same messages as before but this time say 'No' to de-selecting and 'Yes' to continue with save.