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Sheepdata has been designed to ease the task of recording events in your flock. It will produce the information needed to keep Health, Drug and Movements books.

The Records

  • Number details, group details and categories
  • Retagging
  • Movement and transfer
  • Health - drug usage, withdrawal periods, stocks and expiry dates

Simple, easy and fast to operate All information is entered once and automatically appears in the necessary reports e.g. in the sale of lambs the entries would be a date, number sold, official tag number, price and to whom they are sold. This one set of entries will then appear in the Flock Report, Movement Book, Sheepmeat Producers Report and Purchase and Sales Report.

On screen Help, which is available wherever you are in the system, allows for easy access to answers and helps familiarity with the program.

Sheepdata features include:

  • Flock Record, which is a continuous record for each calendar year, showing all movements and events.
  • Health Treatment Report, a very detailed analysis of all drugs used, reasons for use, persons administering and withdrawal periods.
  • Pharmacy Stock Items including expiry.
  • Detailed Movement Report.
  • Purchase & Sales Report between two chosen dates and identified by category if required.
  • Sheepmeat Producers Report, detailed listing of all female breeding sheep on the holding by year.
  • Sheep Report by ID number and location on the holding.
  • Holding Details, showing official detailed information on the holding.

To find out more about Sheepdata, arrange a demonstration or discuss your individual needs please complete our online enquiry form or contact your nearest Landmark representative.