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KEYPrime in your own time

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” is a widely used quote used by us all and particularly when so many external factors are out of our control and changing rapidly.

And for that reason many clients enjoy using their KEY32 software and see no reason to change.  And why not? Landmark is fully supporting and updating both the KEY32 and the KEYPrime Accounting and Property Management ranges with an expanded telephone support team at Pulborough.  As you would expect the staff are fully conversant with both programs.

However the computer industry is advancing constantly, what may have been state of the art ten years ago is now outclassed. For that reason KEYPrime software has been developed.  Over the next few years we will be encouraging our clients to upgrade to the new software to take advantage of developments in current technology and to future proof against changes in the underlying operating systems. Compare the video recorders of today, instantly programmable recording onto hard disk, BluRay or DVD, with the VHS recorders of yesterday. Whilst the older VHS tapes may still be serviceable the availability is waning and the quality of recording does not match the output of modern TVs. Hardware and Software does need to be compatible with what is going on around it.

Upgrading software products is seen by many businesses as an unwelcome expense but all assets that are in constant use need replacing at some stage and the costs are best met if they are budgeted for.  This avoids getting side-lined in the future and becoming vulnerable to viruses and malfunction as products are no longer supported by updates or compatible with the underlying operating system.

When the time comes to upgrade, support is an integral part of the process. Whether you choose Full Data Transfer, Partial Transfer or Fresh Start, which is a great opportunity to review codes and headings as the name implies, our training and support teams are there to help you enjoy the ‘bells and whistles’ of technology well into the future.      

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