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KEY Mark Assurance Service

When you first start using KEY Accounts software that you will be concentrating on getting used to its functions and working out the best way to use the system to complete your required tasks.

Landmark now offer a FREE unique KEY Mark Assurance Service to all new users. Once you are over the initial settling in period  a member of the Landmark support team will arrange to review a backup of your data, emailed to us, and carry out a KEY Mark Assurance Service.

This KEY Mark Assurance service normally takes place between 3 to 6 months into the client's use of the Landmark software and will be used to check that the basic bookkeeping routines are being run correctly, that standard procedures are being completed and the reports are meaningful.  A written or verbal report will identify any room for improvement and assist in utilising the system fully.

Sarah Wilkins AIAgSA, farm secretary, has recently used KEY Mark for one of her clients: “I think that it is fantastic idea,” she says. “I use Landmark for as many of my clients as possible and this is just another way in which they are streets ahead of the competition. It is really good to show the clients and their accountants what KEY can do – I shall be encouraging every client of mine to use KEY Mark.”