KEYPrime Accounts and KEYPrime Property management software were purchased in 2013 by David Bradley, the Winchester based Director and property expert who has two companies for his Property Letting, Development and Consultancy business.

Operating out of Windsor and Winchester DPI is a family concern with David’s partner, Davina Bullimore, managing the day to day issues of the 20 or so let residential properties, mainly flats, in cities across the UK. Davina works closely with Jessica Bradley, David’s daughter, who manages the tenancies and financial side of the properties on KEYPrime Property. Jess has taken a leading role in the last two years along with Finance Manager, Kim Bourne, in stretching the integration potential of the two programs, installing a remote access facility through Landmark’s NEWAge cloud platform and providing better KPI’s for David.

Kim joined DPI ten months ago, having never seen KEYPrime software before. She explained the business model in more detail: “David started purchasing parcels of land with residential development in mind in the Wokingham area, the focus being building quality residential homes. The first project was a development of 2 detached and 2 pairs of semi-detached properties, where the final (show home) was sold in 2017. During this project DPI was offered another four detached house plot in the town and these are currently under construction with one completed and sold.”

Kim came into the business with Landmark software in situ: “I had extensive use of Sage and other programs through my accounting career so technology and figures were not an issue. It was the language that I had to learn…David invested in me and the software by committing to a couple of day’s training with Landmark’s Liz Baker, and one to one you soon become familiar with the terminology.”

Kim has involved DPI’s accountants Morgan Cameron to get the system working as she wants it to: “David was looking for more efficiency from the system and in DPI’s use of Morgan Cameron. He recognised that employing a full time Finance Manager for a growing business makes a difference to set up and productivity of the system. Our aim is to get the accounts information in an orderly format from which greater use can be made of reports and management information.”

She went on to explain the logical training method employed by Liz from Launchpad, Set Up, Utilities, Customisation and DayBook taking in recurring entries and bulk paying suppliers along the way. “Before allowing Morgan Cameron access there has been quite a bit of work to do for example on opening balances and I have used the Landmark support line in the process to meet the challenge.

“We are nearly there! Liz went through the structure explaining the way KEYPrime interacts between Accounts and Property and how the overlap saves us time by reducing duplication. Jess is very quick on issues such as arrears, which are so much easier electronically, and from the raising of a rent demand I can follow a figure through as an invoice to receipt through to bank reconciliation and the bottom line.”

The aim for the DPI administration team is to record data effectively and output information in a format which saves the business time and money. David, in managing the more complicated development business, needs to be monitoring progress in terms such as individual plot costings and up to the minute project margins.

It is clear that Jessica and Kim work closely but with clear accounting and property management boundaries. Jessica drove the project of installing KEYPrime in its NEWAge cloud format last year – ideal for a two office business with users wanting to work from home – newly married Jessica lives in Nottingham. This also benefits Kim and Davina – remote access is increasingly recognised as a factor in recruiting the right employee in the rural business sector. Jessica’s open mind-set has led to her enjoyment of using KEYPrime Property to its fuller potential for example attaching documents electronically to her properties such as AST’s and photographs. In the process getting rid of unwieldy paper files and in the medium term saving the team time.

Asked what feature in KEYPrime Accounts Kim was most impressed by, she did not hesitate:
“Fixed Asset management and Drill Down straight from a transaction, these are not standard features in other packages…I will be interested in getting more out of the budgeting side once the 2017 accounts have been submitted.”

– Kim Bourne, DP Investments